First Day in Unity Platform

Photo by Oscar Nord on Unsplash

The Unity Game Engine, arguably the best Engine to work with for beginners basically free. With the determination of being one of the big names in Indie game dev I took on the challenge to learn and make some Indies. I was wrong :)

So I selected the Lego microgame which is like a small tutorial and it teaches you about the Unity UI and some stuffs related to building games with LEGO BLOCKS, sighs. LOL. I wanted that C# Scripts and cool looking chunks of codes which runs my game, I wanted a cool character hacking and slashing its way to the goal. Lego blocks would be the last thing that I would pick to build a game. With a little knowledge about Pygame and Python to make games I expected some programming but that first tutorial was very very beginner friendly which is very good, not gonna lie but it was not what I wanted.

So its been a week and I am in the pathway of Junior programmer from Unity Learn. My first impression when I opened the empty editor was, “What the hell is this?” in an awe. But thanks to Unity learn for their step by step process of teaching, I have successfully finished some units and more interest is building up as I progress. I have seen youtubers make great games unleashing their imagination into this tiny world that they create. I wouldn’t say I always wanted to build a game but since I came to know about Unity the months old interest just kicked in. Let’s see how far I can reach in this platform. Stay tuned and help me develop into that dream of being an Indie Game Dev. Stay safe.